13th Hour Records

13th Hour Vol. 3

Felipe Gordon & Loure


Felipe kicks off the A-side with his hypnotic groove ‘I'll Become Blue:’ between the cool sax, the punctuated, deep piano chords, and the compelling breakdowns, the opening track is as subtle and infectious as the as the hi-hats skating across it. And in the A2 slot Felipe offers up ‘The Last Time I Saw You,’ trading the after-hours jazz club for a sun-drenched beach, complete with bongos aplenty and an effervescent synth tinged ever so slightly with acid house sensibilities.

Opening up the B-side, Loure delivers big time with ‘So Dive,’ bright percussion mixing with pounding kicks and sumptuous basslines to produce a track ready for any dancefloor. And Loure closes the EP out with ‘Club Shade,’ a vocal-driven masterpiece that dives head first into the deeper end of the house spectrum, evoking feelings of a midnight drive through New York City's glittering streets.