13th Hour Records

In Absentia



Jakub Fidos (Subjoi) has meticulously honed his music over the last four years, crafting sounds that elevate the club-centered, four-on-the-floor schema to more ethereal heights. On any given track, his production traverses Garage-inspired breaks, sub-shattering Chicago basslines and glittering vocal hits. But regardless of motif, what truly defines Subjoi’s music is its impact: even the gentlest of tracks come knocking heartily on both mind and body.

In Absentia is a timely reminder that dance music is above all else supposed to move us. “High Street,” “Without You” and “I Say” offer up three unique yet complementary vignettes of contemplative house without sacrificing any of the dancefloor-ready pulse. Label favorite Loure has also graciously provided a sublime early hours remix of “High Street” as the perfect nightcap to the album.